Developers, are affluent lifestyle, baby boomer and high income people key demographic targets for you? If you had an unlimited advertising budget, where would you advertise? Would you advertise in all of the places where your key demographic audiences frequent? Through the Ideal Location ® Strategic Alliance Network, without directly advertising with top lifestyle companies, your brand and product is exposed directly to their audiences.

Our platform provides you with tens of thousands of dollars in MONTHLYdirect advertising exposure.  We power sites for: Affluent Lifestyle Magazines; Popular Enthusiast Magazines, Leading Business Periodicals, Network TV stations; Newspaper Media companies; Regional Magazines; Second Home and Developer Event Organizations.

  • All aspects of your development will be presented to the widest Affluent Lifestyle audience possible
  • Enhanced exposure within results placement, you surface higher in relevant searches
  • Premium community branding with a dedicated community page
  • Exclusively Branded Community PageControl
  • Performance Dashboard with exclusive Lead Management System
  • Listings management system allows access to individual listings: add, remove, modify or update individual
  • property listings
  • Turnkey on-boarding program, we will get you started by creating the initial group of listings
  • Performance data

Our Strategic Alliance Network is constantly growing, please inquire to see a complete list of brands that we work with.