Residential Investment Grade Income Property

Assured Income Plays In High Growth Areas

The Ideal Location ® approach allows the individual investor to acquire investment properties in strong growth markets and provide the much needed financing and property management functions that create a “turn-key & hassle-free” investment. This approach opens the door for individual investors to add real estate to their financial future in a streamlined and step-by-step system:

  • We provide solutions to the property selection, financing, property management and long term warranty issues that prevent many investors from building wealth in real estate.
  • Through our step-by-step system we offer “turn-key & hassle-free”management access to well-selected investment properties that are located in strong growth markets.
  • We provide a proven system for individual investors to acquire real estate to begin or add to their investment portfolios, and build a diversified portfolio one unit at a time.

Whether you are investing in your first rental property or adding to your expanding portfolio, investing with Ideal Location ® simplifies the process of evaluating, acquiring and managing Investment Grade Real Estate.