Ideal Location ® assists savvy investors purchasing real estate through their self directed IRA’s, this strategy effectively creates a tax shelter around your real estate acquisitions.

Many investors do not know that qualified retirement money can be accessed to diversify investments with personal real estate ownership. You can purchase a condo, residential property, rental property, vacant lots, raw land or commercial buildings and you may do so directly from within your self directed IRA retirement account.

Title to the property would be held in the name of your IRA account with the Trust tax identification number.   You can use debt non recourse financing to purchase real estate IRA investments which allows for further diversification without tying up all of your IRA funds. The IRS requires a non-recourse loan for all real estate purchases that use leverage with a self-directed IRA.

Any income or expenses related to the property must flow through the real estate IRA account. Income or capital gains from the property is tax-deferred since it is in a retirement account. The property can also be sold at any time to an unrelated party and the proceeds of the sale would be returned to the IRA. You can then invest these proceeds in another property or any other allowed assets.

Ideal Location ® provides our clients complimentary consulting with setting up self directed IRA’s for our investment and international opportunities.