Sustainable Development Master Planning

The Ideal Location ® Eco-Master Plan team takes a holistic approach to master planning.  We are committed to the idea that the built environment should be conceived through a design process that develops a healthy and compatible relationship between land uses and land forms, plant materials and the natural environment, buildings, infrastructure and market demand. Working with clients we strive to develop sustainable communities with diverse housing types, integrated shopping and retail services, recreation and open space features,  planned within pedestrian oriented community fabrics.

An Eco oriented real estate master plan is a road map to the future with respect to a specific real estate location or parcel working symbiotically with the environment. We will take a detailed, short-term, medium-term and long-range plan that determines how the specific real estate parcel will provide services to the community in the coming years and plan for future growth.

The Ideal Location ® Eco-Master Plan team will only take on a limited number of projects annually we are very strongly focused on working with developers that are committed to the environment.  That being said we have a strong awareness regarding the value of quality planning, design and bottom-line economics. Our objective is helping  clients implement realistic, creative and economically and socially responsible projects.

Note: Of particular interest are eco-oriented projects in Central America and the Caribbean both our eco architectural and master planning teams are fully fluent in Spanish for working with local teams and officials in their respective countries.