Ideal Location ® is committed to continually featuring some of the most unique projects in markets around the globe.  We strive to produce the best information that we possibly can for each of our featured international markets and developments. Not only do we focus on the projects themselves, but we like to explain to you how the country itself is performing politically and economically and how the area is doing. Investment in unknown foreign markets means that regulations, fiscal structures and legal frameworks are unfamiliar and usually different from those a client may be used to. To this end we publish research data on countries throughout the world on our website.   We feel that not only does knowledge equal power but knowledge can also equal wealth in international markets.

In sourcing projects it is our job is to build trust with the developer and trust with you. If you know that the properties we offer are well researched, superbly priced, judiciously selected and located in prime spots around the globe our hope is that you will consider or projects for purchase or notify your friends and colleagues of our unique offerings. As our networks continue to grow and developer become confident that we can sell their inventory quickly and efficiently, thereby taking some of the pain out of his transaction process, we can often negotiate unbeatable deals with them. This leverage and the result, Is a Win Win both for our investors as well as the developers.