Strategic Lending Solutions

Ideal Location ® Developers services offers project development and strategic lending solutions for developers and investors within the commercial real estate sector. Through strategic partnerships with private investment groups and lenders, we can offer capital investment opportunities for qualified projects within the United States and throughout the World. We can secure funding for large-scale commercial projects ranging from a minimum of $3 Million to hundreds of Millions including Commercial, Manufacturing, Mixed Use, Condominiums, Multi-family, Fractional, Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Energy, Master Planned Communities, Residential Developments, and Humanitarian projects. We prefer projects that are L.E.E.D certified and if they are not, we can assist on developing your project to employ a L.E.E.D.-centric business model. Additionally, our private capital sources desire the significance of your project’s influence on the socio-economic impact on the market including work-force generation, social services, housing, infrastructure development, and socio-friendly environment.
We are currently accepting projects which may qualify for a JV partner with one or more of our private capital companies. We require that you be the principal or be direct with the project principals.  In addition, the client must initially submit for consideration:

  • Project Development Business Plan
  • Executive Summary and Principal Bios
  • 5-Year Pro Forma minimum
  • Complete & sign the fund-specific reciprocating Non Disclosure Agreement

If you are in need of large-scale, individualized funding and feel you qualify for one or more of our programs please forward an Executive Summary.