Company Profile & Information

Ideal Location is an international real estate investment and consulting company headquartered in Chicago, USA. Our network of independently owned entrepreneurial firms and affiliates strives to offer clients the highest level of service in individual markets with regional expertise. The organization invites firms to join the network based on geographic markets and the ability of the firm to respond to the requirements of clients and colleagues for services on a local level.

The investment division specializes in sourcing turn-key, high yielding investment properties in emerging markets both nationally and internationally.  In order to choose the best and most profitable places and real estate products, we provide a tailor made real estate investment consulting service.

The international division throughout the years has managed to create a  portfolio of real estate contacts and local collaborators in key markets, so we can say we are in position to work with clients in markets around the globe.

The developer marketing and consulting division of Ideal Location employs innovative sales and marketing strategies and is a recognized leader in next generation advertising, marketing and traffic building techniques for developments around the globe.

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Ideal Location ® owns and operates numerous individual real estate websites and brands that focus on both business to business and business to consumer oriented real estate offerings.