With a Focus on Sustainability

Ideal Location ® Architecture Eco-Team services are dedicated to making our urban and rural environments healthier through design, material selection, earth-friendly practices and the application of passive heating and cooling strategies. These practices and applications result in great energy savings for our residential, business and commercial owners. A tremendous benefit  also comes to our natural environment due to reduced demand for raw material and fossil fuels.

We can offer a  a great variety of professional services that range from residential green architectural design and highly energy efficient design to energy modeling for all buildings, L.E.E.D. consulting for new and existing buildings, green design, energy conservation design, water conservation design, rain water harvesting design, energy simulation and analysis existing building energy consumption assessment and retrofit recommendations and year-long monitoring of existing buildings to test and develop recommendations for new materials and their thermal properties

The Ideal Location ® Architectural Eco-team is available for projects in the U.S and internationally.